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BECAUSE HEALTH IS WEALTH, The mHealth sector remains underserved due to the inability of healthcare professionals to build comprehensive healthcare applications, Lets built best Healthcare app development with us


Largest Untapped Market Globally


Real-Time Doctor- Patient Interaction


400 Million Global Downloads in 2018


Estimated Market Size $206 Billion by 2020

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Looking For A Leading Healthcare App Development Company?

The mHealth developers at Enuke have a profound knowledge of medical mobility to breathe life into your HIPAA compliant healthcare app. We work on critical factors such as on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness and
ease of use, for providing commercially viable healthcare solutions


HIPPA Compliant Solutions

The healthcare software development companies that deal
with protected health information(PHI) must follow the standards of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA). The experts at Enuke have the expertise in HIPAA and FDA regulations that enables them
to build compliant healthcare solutions – safe and secure.).


Confidentiality & Security

We assure the confidentiality and security of patient information. Our medical mobility software is highly data encrypted for secure patient information.



We at Enuke have the ability to build healthcare applications that establish a secure and seamless connection between the patient, healthcare providers, and the doctors.

Our MHealth App Development Services

We build custom healthcare apps to streamline appointment scheduling and patient check-in to save time for patients and doctors.

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Remote Healthcare

The patients must have a direct link with healthcare providers. This is to keep the healthcare providers, clinicians and nurses to be updated on the patient’s health. The remote monitoring mhealth apps from Enuke
ensure that the patient is treated with no medication errors.

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Electronic health records facilitate better diagnosis and treatment, enhancing accuracy of patient’s health records. We provide robust healthcare application services that significantly reduce operational costs and
deliver better treatment outcomes.

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Connected Devices( Wearables)

Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to connect your mobile device, wearables, etc with other health monitoring devices. It has made it possible to check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels or even
perform a blood test from anywhere.

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Fitness Apps

Mobile fitness apps aid in tracking weight, blood sugar levels, sleep patterns, etc and keep a watch on your daily routine. Our apps seamlessly integrate wearable technology and hardware using AI, IoT and other
emerging technologies.

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At Enuke, we excel at crafting mobile prescribing apps that securely store patient data such as prescriptions, allergies, and biometrics to significantly reduce medical errors.

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Hospital & Practice Management Solutions

Healthcare apps have made it easy to manage MIS reports, interactions between patient and physicians, patient registration, resource scheduling, etc. We ensure to design our apps to enhance cost and time efficiency
for hospitals and clinics while maintaining compliance and security of patient records.

Why Do Your Customers Need A Healthcare Mobile App?

Taking medicines regularly and effectively is one of the major but critical components. Hence, it’s best to not to run out of essential medicines. A Medicine Delivery App developed at some good Medicine Delivery App
Development Company provides a lot of benefits.


  • plan-checkRemote Access To Doctors
  • plan-checkPreventive Care
  • plan-checkCost Reduction
  • plan-checkAppointment Scheduling
  • plan-checkMedication Reminders


  • plan-checkAccess to medical history
  • plan-checkReal-time Interaction
  • plan-checkImproved Diagnostic Efficiency
  • plan-checkLess Paperwork
  • plan-checkTime-Saving

What Are The Key Features Of Your Healthcare App

We understand the significance of the integration of your mHealth app with your EHR/EMR, LIS (Laboratory Information System), RCM (revenue cycle management) or RIS (radiology information system) infrastructure. So,
we use features that define your vision and strategy to build your healthcare application.


E-Health Records


Appointment Scheduling


Built-in Calendar


Virtual Visits


Medicine Ordering




Live Chat


Hospital Navigation


Claim Management


Lab Reports Access

How We Craft A Healthcare Application?

To develop a brilliant healthcare app that provides great convenience to your users, the development professionals at Enuke follow a strict protocol.



We create a detailed blueprint to align your ideas with the healthcare app. We assess APIs to determine and use the latest technologies to transform your vision into reality.



To provide the ultimate user experience, we select smart features that fit best with your mHealth app. Our UI designers make your app tell a story and captivate your customers.



Our healthcare app experts collaborate with your team to write codes based on agile development practices, with complete transparency.


Test & Launch

We test the codes, perform quality checks and beta testing. We then launch your dream-turned-reality medical app and provide support & maintenance.

Our Clients’ Success Makes Us Go the Extra Mile!

We have proudly served 180+ clients and have transformed their vision into reality.


Our customers love the mobile apps we had created by Enuke. Enuke took the time to understand our requirement fully and our industry to know how the apps need to perform, and we are thankful to Enuke for this.


Jeffrey Kolar, Relypos (USA)


For us ENuke stands for excellence – we are so pleased with every aspect of working with them! Their team delivered the highest of quality and expertise with excellent communications and lightning fast response. A
pleasure to work with, the ENuke team is a top-notch provider. We definitely plan to use them for future projects! A++.


Tom Griffin, IGY Marinas (USA)


An excellent company to work with from start to finish. The site I needed them to create was complex and they exceeded all of my expectations with the finished product. I already have plans on the next phase that
will include ENuke Technology again. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering starting a project.


Brad Robertson, Bizavo (USA)

Understanding More About Healthcare Application Development.

What goes into your mHealth app majorly defines the cost of development. The cost of crafting a unique, feature enriched healthcare app to provide the maximum usage for both patients and doctors
depends on the features, location of developers, and the platforms the app is built for. The cost varies with the complexity of your healthcare app.

Technological advancements in health care have not only saved million lives but have also improved the quality of life. Technology has redefined medical approaches. Booking doctor appointments,
online consultation, managing patient records, everything has become effortless. The invention of EHR- Electronic Health Records replaced the paper records and became a game-changer for health
care professionals. Maintaining the histories of billing, health records, discharge, insurance has become easy.

As per the University of Michigan, the health care costs reduced by 3% with an increase in digital systems. Remote treatments and prescriptions save traveling costs for patients and with digital
systems, you don’t need to pay extra for the prints of your reports, scans, etc

When you decide to select a healthcare app development company you should select one that would maintain a long-term relationship instead of a company that just gets the job done. Choose a company
that has a good client portfolio and uses the latest technologies such as IoT, AR. AI, etc. The development team should have an adequate number of members for an easy flow of communication.

Healthcare app development is usually done using technologies and tools such as C++, Java, Linux, HTML5, PHP SWIFT, KOTLIN, etc and can be developed for Android, Windows 7/8 or iOS platforms.
Healthcare is also entering the digital age leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Next-gen sequencing, 3-D printing, and bio-sensors and trackers.

The healthcare industry still remains underserved by mobile app software and holds a lot of potential to be realized. Healthcare app development services can bridge the gap between healthcare
providers and patients to facilitate seamless real-time communication, easily avail medicines to their doorstep or access patient information and make the world a healthier place. There are
numerous benefits of using healthcare apps.

Before approaching a mHealth app development company, as a health care service provider, you should be clear about which platforms you want to target. As per stats, the most widely preferred
platform today is Android. However, one can also gradually move on to iOS to cover a wider market. Enuke develops healthcare apps for both Android and iOS.

For a healthcare company, it is vital to adhere to the HIPAA- Health Portability And Accountability to protect the health information of a patient. Therefore, healthcare app development companies
should strictly follow the regulations of HIPAA and FDA to facilitate easy and quick access to the patient records.

The market size for mhealth applications is expected to increase to $206 billion by 2020. During the forecast period, it is predicted to expand at CAGR of 44.7%. The healthcare industry presents
enormous potential for healthcare app development which is speeding swiftly and playing a vital role in patient welfare and costs. There are about 58,000 mhealth apps currently on the app stores.

The healthcare apps have immense potential and provide numerous advantages. EHR (electronic health reports) facilitates doctors to remotely monitor the condition of their patients, serious
allergies, or intolerance to any medication. The apps also save time and money, increase productivity and accuracy, reduce paperwork and errors in billing, prescriptions or treatments.

It’s Time To Reinvent Healthcare!

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