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We are a team of NodeJS experts building exceptionally high-quality data-intensive and real-time applications.

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NodeJS Development Team Involving Web and Mobile Apps

As a professional Team of NodeJs developers, we build intensive apps that take full advantage of speed and techonolgy NodeJS brings.

Event Driven

Event Driven Apps

NodeJS creates a server-side, event driven javascript run-time environment for highly scalable network and real-time applications making NodeJS robust in handling large, dynamic, database related apps.


Lightening Fast

NodeJS uses V8 Javascript engine by Google which is extremely fast. If an application is data driven and involves a lot of reading and writing to the internet or filesystem, NodeJS is the best technology to build the application.

Real Time

Real Time

Websockets, 2-way open communication channels between client and server, make NodeJS excel in real-time applications making it much easier to build apps like chat engines, stock ticker, etc.

What kind of Apps can be built with NodeJS?


Event Driven and Heavily I/O Bound

The event-driven approach provides a way of extending an app in a flexible and non-invasive manner. Applications that are centered on events, apps that need to identify certain situations and react accordingly , apps that involve analysis of large amount of data are best developed with NodeJS.

Apps Streaming Lot of Information

NodeJS is popular for building apps that stream lot of information – Music and Video Streaming apps, news sharing apps, apps that involve talking to and back often, etc.
helped in an incredible reduction in the bounce rate.

Apps Involving Talking with APIs and Databases

When built with NodeJS, apps that involve talking with APIs – Chatting Apps, Stock Tickers, Ticket Booking Apps, etc. – are much simplified and faster to use.

Industries that love NodeJS

NodeJS powers the company and the working teams to move faster and give life to their ideas and designs. The number of companies adopting NodeJS solutions has increased dramatically resulting in strengthening of our NodeJS expertise.



With technology advancements, enterprises are making big changes to their offerings and in picture comes the ability of NodeJS to enable full-stack developers that bring efficiencies to the enterprises.

Retail and e-Commerce

Due to its ability to support real-time apps efficiently, NodeJS has become top choice for retail and e-commerce sector. The speed and efficiency that NodeJS brings is critical for long-term success of industries in this sector.

Education and Health Care

Being highly data driven sectors, existing companies as well as startups in both Health and Education sectors are loving NodeJS because of its ability to handle large data, never compromising with the speed.

Hire NodeJS developers to Manage High Traffic

We help you blend technology into your business by building NodeJS apps with extensive functionality and scalability to manage high-traffic loads. Hire a NodeJS Development Team from ENuke Software to for versatile and efficient NodeJS Solutions for your business.

A Financially Driven Digital Space Ensured for Financial Buzz

We leveraged NodeJS to make Financial Buzz a leading informational web portal that provides the latest trends in Market News, Investing News, Personal Finance, Politics, Entertainment, in-depth broadcasts on Stock News, Market Analysis and Company Interviews.


ENuke did an amazing job for Financial Buzz. From day one, ENuke team showed a passion for our project which continued throughout the cycle. The whole process with the company has been smooth and professional. I would recommend ENuke to anyone looking for unmatched IT solutions.

Jay Yu

CEO of Financial Ventures Group

Let’s redefine speed and efficiency with NodeJS

Our goal is to create an IT space where even intense apps work effeciently with lightening-fast speed.