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80% reservation made via mobile apps


5x higher conversion rates on mobile


Global market volume to exceed $174 m in 2022.

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Does Your Business Need A Hotel Booking App?

A hotel booking mobile app would boost the revenue of your business.


The world is gravitating towards online booking with about 88% of people in the US using apps for hotel booking. A mobile hotel booking app is a must-have for every hotel business to establish brand loyalty and streamline the hotel booking process.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Hotel Booking App Development Company that facilitates an easy hotel room booking process for travelers by developing brilliant iOS and Android Hotel Booking Apps. We foster a dedicated designing and development team for Hospitality Management and Hotel Booking Apps with the sole purpose of building mobile apps for hotels and businesses around the World.

Why is a Hotel Booking App Good For You?

While your customers plan their stress-free travel vacation through your app, your app provides so much more to your business.


Brand Awareness

A hotel booking app for your business creates and improves your brand awareness amongst your customers.


Revenue Channels

Through the app, you can increase your revenue with in-app advertisements and increased tech-savvy customers.


Customer Loyalty

Customers trust a hotel more if it has a dedicated app and user-friendly apps establish customer loyalty.


Competitive Advantage

A hotel booking app with unique value propositions helps you gain a competitive edge in the market.

The Must Have App Features

Your feature-enriched app must have these essential and add-on features to enhance customer experience and facilitate the booking process.

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Recommendation Engine

The feature provides personalized recommendations based on previous searches.

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Travel Assistants

Helping customers navigate through issues, these on-the-go travel assistants in the form of chatbots and messengers, enhance the customer experience.

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Room-cost Forecast

This feature forecasts the costs of rooms for customers to plan their stay accordingly.

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Language and Currency Converter

Based on the customer’s location, this feature adjusts language and currency in the results.

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The geo-location feature on the app helps customers search for places of interest nearby.

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Hotel Comparison

A comparison of hotel prices within the app enabling customers to choose the best as per their requirement.

Our Capabilities

We understand your business needs may be different and therefore we mould our services to cater to the business model required by you.


Merchant Model

You enter into a contract with different hotels and reserve rooms at a discounted rate. You then offer these rooms on your app to your customers at a higher margin and earn profits.


Aggregator Model

We develop aggregator apps that aggregate prices of hotels on different platforms and display them on your app. Your customers choose the best price and are redirected to the specific platform for further booking.


Dedicated Model

You are a hotel owner and require a dedicated app for your hotel. We develop custom hotel booking apps to increase your brand visibility and loyalty.

What Does Your App Look Like?

Your hotel booking app would have an admin panel and a customer panel to enhance user experience.


Payment Gateway Integration

To enable customers to make online payments with ease.


Special Requests

Request for extra facilities or leave additional notes at the time of booking.


Search Room

Search and book rooms at the best prices from your location.


Register & Log-in

Easy register and login process with social accounts.



To enable customers with quick check-in and check-out through the app.


Review & Rate

Customers can review and rate the services of your hotel.



View reports and analytics of recent activities of users.


Manage Bookings

Update the status of rooms and manage the booking system


Manage Users

Manage user information, and add, edit or delete users.


Manage Payments

Managing payment flows into the hotel booking app.

Our Clients

We have proudly served 180+ clients and have transformed their vision into reality.


Our customers love the mobile apps we had created by Enuke. Enuke took the time to understand our requirement fully and our industry to know how the apps need to perform, and we are thankful to Enuke for this.


Jeffrey Kolar, Relypos (USA)


For us ENuke stands for excellence – we are so pleased with every aspect of working with them! Their team delivered the highest of quality and expertise with excellent communications and lightning fast response. A
pleasure to work with, the ENuke team is a top-notch provider. We definitely plan to use them for future projects! A++.


Tom Griffin, IGY Marinas (USA)


An excellent company to work with from start to finish. The site I needed them to create was complex and they exceeded all of my expectations with the finished product. I already have plans on the next phase that
will include ENuke Technology again. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering starting a project.


Brad Robertson, Bizavo (USA)


The cost of developing a hotel booking app varies as per the functionality, features, complexity, location of the development team and time taken to develop the app. The more complex and feature-enriched an app is, the more development time it takes costing more than a basic or medium complex app.

There are about 4 revenue models for hotel booking apps such as paid downloads, charging commissions from hotels on each booking, hotels pay for advertisements on the app or a one-time payment or subscription fee from hotels that want to be listed on the platform.

After analyzing your competition and finding your value proposition, there are two ways to go about building an app for hotel booking; you can either hire a Hotel Booking Application Development Company that performs all the functions of research, analysis, UI/UX, development, and testing or hire freelancers for different functions
of the development process.

Speed is an essential factor for every hotel booking app to captivate customers. APIs and XML aid in providing real-time information on the price, availability, and amenities of the rooms thecustomer is viewing. Therefore, it’s necessary to integrate them into your app to close the deal.

Developing a high complexity app takes a lot more time than apps with simple or medium complexity. As per estimates, it can take over 6 months to develop a highly complex hotel booking app. Enuke has expertise in developing high-performing apps in minimal time and affordable costs.

If you are confused about which hotel booking app development company to select out of the many shortlisted ones, you can consider a few factors. The best company for
hotel booking app development would have numerous successful projects delivered, a good client retention rate, positive client reviews and extensive experience in the domain.

We are excited to know about your idea and transform it into an App.