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HTML5 Web Development Company India

HTML5 Web Development

Ever since its inception in 1995, HTML has always topped the charts of main key technologies in World Wide Web. The reasons for choosing it have always been very clear. HTML is the best markup language which supports both the structuring and presentation of the content on the web. And after the landing of HTML 5 in the league of Web Development, HTML 5 web development is constantly speeding up as the new version supports the latest multimedia. The new version 5 has improved the language support for developers as well and has made it very convenient for HTML 5 developers to make easily usable web applications and deliver easier multimedia support and other features. Not just for humans, HTML 5 comes with a support for devices as well. It runs easily practically on every browser including IE6.

4 features for and you can’t resist HTML 5

If you ask us, HTML 5 is the revolution in the world of markup language. The future of World Wide Web has landed on the ground and is waiting for Web Development Company to start charging up for its use.

HTML has always been a key in making things easier for web developers so they can deliver their best in web development services whether its mobile application development or creating profitable business for web design company.

  • Clean Code :The most foreseen feature in HTML 5 by web Design Company is the cleanliness of the code.Simple, elegant, easy to implement and understandable code can be written with less time consumed.This makes mobile web app development a lot easier and convenient.
  • Support For Video and Audio :With the new HTML5 video and audio tags, forget the mess caused due to adding up of embed and object tags.Now your multimedia content like video and audio don’t require any additional flash player plug-in to run on any evil browser , just use the tags video & audio and you are absolutely good to roll.
  • Easy and Interactive Designs:The feature in HTML 5 includes a drawing tag which allows you to use more of your creativity and designing in web development than previous versions available.
  • Accessibility:The accessibility includes the most convenient features for users to give them a better experience in content access.Drag and DropOffline storage databaseBrowser history management

    Document editing and timed media playback.

And many more features like local storage of data in which browser still stores the data still after its been closed with smart security and efficient performance. Cross browser support is also the ultimate star feature in HTML 5.This is the reason it is being used by web Design Company in India and worldwide.