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Integrate IoT Technology to Increase Profitability

Our client is a renowned 7 Star International Hotel Group in the Hospitality Industry with hotels in various destinations in India. The Hotel Group, owning a chain of luxury hotels, provides world-class hospitality to its guests with various high-end facilities.

30% Increase in Profits

100% Guest Satisfaction

Reduced Manpower Costs

5X Increased Efficiency



The major challenges faced by our client were related to huge utility costs which includes water and energy, and improving guest experience.

Utility costs take up more than 60% of the total expenditures in a hotel in which electricity comprises the largest expenditure followed by water and gas. However, for the best guest experience the hotel has to continue bearing such costs. For instance,to ensure the best guest experience, the hotel has to invest in the best lighting throughout the hotel, climate control systems for rooms and other parts of the hotel, continuous flow of water, and many other services.

These costs are incurred even when the guest may have temporarily left their rooms or when the hotel rooms are not completely occupied. Therefore, irrespective of the peak season or off-season, the utility costs incurred by the hotel usually remain the same.

The other challenge is managing check-ins during peak seasons when the reception and lobby get overcrowded with guests. The guests are usually impatient as the check-in process takes a while for every guest. Moreover, there’s a constant pressure on the reception staff to attend each guest and ensure they have a pleasant check-in experience.


The Solution
Integrating IoT Technology

Enuke Software implemented the IoT Technology in various functions and systems of the hotel to increase its profitability and enhance guest experience.

Upon receiving the claim request email, the employee has to extract important information from the forms, verify the information, and eligibility of claim through different steps. The manual process is not only time-consuming and a repetitive task, but it is also prone to errors leading to wrong processing of claims. As a result, the insurance company faces the risk of increased operational costs, high IT costs, and delays in claim processing. The complex claim approval process takes long hours which results in high manpower costs.



By implementing IoT technology in various systems and processes of the hotel, our client was able to reduce costs by upto 20% and increase its profits by about 30%. It also enhanced and personalized the guest experience leaving the guests fully satisfied with the hospitality and stay experience. The hotel was able to cut down on manpower costs and efficiently utilize and manage staffing. Overall, the efficiency of the processes and operation at the hotel improved significantly, leading to increased ROI over time.