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The ride-sharing market is a lucrative one, and you need the best developers to captivate your customers with an aesthetically designed app. Enuke endeavors to resonate your brand value with a personalized car-pooling app that is a perfect fit for your business.

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Leverage The Rapidly Growing Market

The ride-sharing market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 12.9%, resulting in a revenue of US$123,792 million by 2023.

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Captivate Customers

Car-pooling apps are already loved by millions of users due to the diverse user-requirements they fulfill. Your app can easily captivate customers of all age groups providing them ease in commuting.

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Create Your Own Brand

Creating your brand identity in a lucrative market is comparatively easy. The right app design and features that grab the attention of your customers and come-in handy for them is the key to creating ‘The Best Ride Sharing App’.

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Ride sharing apps like Uber usually have three layers of app panels, User App, Driver App, and Admin App. We develop the car-pooling applications on two layers; a frontend layer for the user and a backend layer for the admin.

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Customer/Driver App

Your customer who may be a user or a driver has access to the front-end layer; the user app panel with features such as find a ride, real-time updates, verifies profiles, ETA estimates, ride now or later, cancel a booking, support, rate co-passengers, and more.

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Admin App

Your business will have access to the back-end layer; the admin app panel with features such as manage offered rides, manage website users, manage admin users, view bookings, payments, user reports, rideshare preferences, and more.


Our custom ride sharing apps provide a wide range of common and advanced features at your disposal. These discerning features meet the diverse requirements of your business while facilitating a seamless user experience and enhancing the aesthetic design of your app.

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Users can access basic information about the passengers they are traveling with.

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Offer A Ride

Users driving their vehicles can offer a ride to other users for the same destination.

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Travel Scheduling

Users have an option to schedule their travel for a different time or day.

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Calculate Time & Fare

Users can view an estimated time and fare before confirming their rides.

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Live Tracking

Users can track their rides in real-time through a map.

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Rating & Feedback System

Users can rate and provide feedback on co-passengers.

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Emergency Button

Users can raise an alarm alert in case of emergencies.


Favorite Locations

The app users can mark their favorite pick-up and drop-off locations to save time while booking.

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Advanced Reports

Exclusive for the admin, view regular reports on all rides and details on commissions earned.

Technologies We Work On

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Have queries about ridesharing app development? We answered a few!

When developing a ride sharing app for your business, it can get confusing to choose the best ride sharing app development company. However, one can consider factors such as the number of projects completed successfully by the company, client testimonials, client retention rates, years of experience, etc.
Although there are estimates that you can find on google, however, every company charges differently for ride sharing app development. The cost mainly depends on factors such as functionality and complexity of the app, features, design, location of the company, development time, etc.
To start a carpooling app, getting in touch with a ride sharing app development company is advisable, as that company will work closely with your team to develop a mobile app that suits your niche and business needs. The developers follow a defined development process to design and deliver the app within the deadline which goes through testing before it goes live.
A ride sharing app mainly consists of three panels which are the passenger panel, driver panel, and admin panel. Each panel can contain basic and advanced features to provide a seamless user experience for drivers, riders and admin. Some of the essential features are real-time tracking, multiple payment gateways, emergency button, etc.
The ridesharing market faces stiff competition due to the availability of numerous carpooling and ride sharing apps. However, one can still make profits with a ride sharing app like Uber that generally takes between 5-20 weeks depending on the complexity of the app. The development team gives delivery estimates based on the type of app you want.
Every ridesharing app contains basic features such as login, request rides, reviews and ratings, however, some of the advanced features of a ride sharing app that makes the app stand out are GPS tracking, reviewing and rating co-passengers, payment gateway integration, split payments feature, etc.



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