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Smart Answering Machine google-play-min

Lets you put your busy status and automatically responds callers texters via Sms messages. Put your smartphone in auto respondent mode and carry on important activities like driving, sleeping, meeting, exercising etc without getting disturbed!

Due to android OS constraints, a voice message telling caller to record their message cannot be played, to overcome this, smart answering machine allows you to send your callers a message informing them to record the message after hearing the beep for their subsequent call made within 5 mins. You can also tweak the settings if you just want to send the text message and don’t want to record the caller voice message.

Smart Answering Machine comes with following features

  • Widget for easy activate/de-activate Smart answering machine and change status
  • Ability to auto Change profile of answering machine
  • Option to Receive next incoming call and record the incoming caller. and Save.
  • Listen all Caller Recorded message one by one.
  • Check the logs of all the incoming call that were sent in past 24 hrs.
  • Unlimited Custom Status messages
  • Unlimited Custom Create profile and set them auto response.